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Motion at Full on Tuesday 27th March 2018:

"This Council therefore asks the Leader to write to the Secretary of State for Transport, and to Mark Carne, Chief Executive of Network Rail, requesting that they re-evaluate the need to dual the track along the entire length of the Cotswold Line, in the light of proposed development."

Proposed by: Cllr Liz Leffman

Seconded by: Cllr Liam Walker


Cllr Liam Walker's response: 

"Thank you Chairman,

As a regular user and with the Cotswold Line being a key mode of transport to residents in and around Hanborough I welcome any improvements to this popular line. 

Work to improve the line has been a key commitment to members on the side of the house and I know it was something the former member for Charlbury and the Wychwoods was a champion of. I'm pleased Cllr Leffman agreed to let me second this motion. 

The Cotswold Line in West Oxfordshire has been hit significantly since the opening of and improvements at Oxford Parkway Station. We have already heard from Cllr Leffman about the 10% drop at Charlbury station and in Hanborough we have seen around a 14% drop in passengers.

I was pleased to have recently joined the Leader for the Oxfordshire Rail Summit in Westminster with all the key players like Network Rail, GWR, Chiltern Railway and MP's Robert Courts and Ed Vaizey. We all came together to discuss rail improvements across Oxfordshire and in particular the Cotswold Line. 

At a recent meeting of the Cotswold Line Taskforce group we heard about plans for parking improvements at Charlbury, extending the platform at Hanborough as well as a new station building.

Clearly a dual line will help improve the service, increase the number of trains and encourage more residents to use the service which will help towards reducing traffic on the A40 and on the A4095.

I know the Leader is already actively pushing for the dual line amongst other improvements to the Cotswold Line and rail in Oxfordshire. 

I hope colleagues support this motion and I'm sure the Leader will be delighted to write another letter..."


Cllr Liam Walker 

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