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Hailey 20mph Survey

You may have seen that a 20mph limit has recently been implemented on many main roads in and around Witney along with several other speed limit reductions. You may also remember my consultation earlier this year seeking residents general views on 20mph in the Hailey parish which came back as residents supporting a 20mph scheme. With this in mind, working with the parish council, we are now looking at a more detailed plan with a few options that we can work with Oxfordshire County Council on.

1) A blanket 20mph speed limit replacing all current existing 30mph including New Yatt, Delly End and Poffley End.

2) Reductions in selected areas (see maps here)

3) No changes at all

4) Something else

Please share your views with me and Hailey Parish Council by 11th December via the survey below.

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