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Better Buses

I am currently in contact with Stagecoach Oxfordshire about the need to make improvements to the 233 bus service. It is my view that the 233 service should better serve Hanborough Station and in particular connect the station with Witney. I also think this service has the business to become a half hour service rather than remaining as an hourly service. 

4 Way Slip Road

The A40 is quite literally a stones throw from the village of Minster Lovell. Although the old A40 actually runs through the village, now known as the Burford Road, a trick was missed by not having a four way slip road at the overpass to the South of the village. I believe being able to access the A40 to and from Burford would help reduce traffic travelling through the village and along the Brize Norton Road. 

Brize Norton Rd Weight Restriction

Brize Norton Road in Minster Lovell is often used as a cut through by HGV's to get into Witney and in particular to the Downs Road Industrial Estate. Working with the County Council we have put forward a proposal for a 7.5 tonne weight restriction on the Burford Road from the Asthall Leigh roundabout to Downs Road and also from the A40 slip road along the Brize Norton Road. Local access for deliveries etc would still be allowed to use these roads. 

Reduce the speed limit on the Burford Road

Like many residents in the village I believe that the current speed limit on the Burford Road is not appropriate. The 40 mph speed limit has been in place before the road got busier due to the new one way system in Old Minster Lovell, a new development due to built at the edge of the village and the general increase use of cars that on the Brize Norton Road. There are a number of homes along the road who are rightly concerned there may soon be a serious accident.

If you agree it needs to be 30mph, please sign my petition by clicking here.

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