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 October Reporting Back


The hospitality sector has been hit hard by the pressures of COVID-19 over the past 18 months so I'm pleased to be launching my Pub Of The Year competition to celebrate the best of pubs in my Hanborough & Minster Lovell division.

Make sure your favourite local gets the recognition it deserves by voting and sharing with friends and family. A full list of pubs eligible and how to quickly vote can be found here.

Voting ends at midnight on 30th November!

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Wow what a turnout in Witney to encourage the Town Council to support us. About 100 residents united in showing our support in removing the Burford HGV ban that is pushing HGVs across the Windrush Valley. The consultation report by OCC showed the majority of people are against it and it showed the HGV situation in Burford, because of the permit scheme they’ve had to use, hasn’t got any better. It’s time for some common sense and time to scrap the ban!


I’m pleased to share that we have now set up a new Community Speedwatch group for Long Hanborough & Church Hanborough. At Octobers Hanborough Parish Council meeting they accepted my offer to cover the cost from my councillor priority fund for all the necessary equipment needed for the new group to get going.

Although groups aren’t there to give tickets they do have a positive impact in bringing speeds down, increasing awareness, and also helping to collect important speed data for Thames Valley Police to use.

If you would like to help us please drop me an email:


Another busy month for #TeamHanborough with hundreds more residents coming through the surgery for their flu jab or COVID booster. Thank you to all the team of volunteers and staff!

Also shoutout to Hanborough Home Bakes for the delicious cakes!


A great trip to Cardiff for the Great Western Railway Stakeholder Conference. It was a good opportunity to see how we can improve rail in Oxfordshire and in particular the North Cotswold Line. As I arrived back home though I was reminded at Hanborough that change is possible. We now have a longer platform allowing more carriage doors to open, a new station building with better ticket facilities and an improved bus timetable linking the 233 bus.


More to do I know but I’ve learnt very quickly that rail improvements happen very slowly….. I will keep doing my bit at least.


I have been out and about in Long Hanborough and Freeland with my District Council colleagues delivering our latest reporting back leaflets to residents keeping you updated on what we are doing as your local councillors.


A productive morning in Crawley village helping local residents and the Parish Council with their Autumn litter pick. Remember don’t be a tosser - put your rubbish in the bin!


I’m pleased to see Common Close & Leigh Close in North Leigh have now finally been resurfaced. It’s taken some time due to delays in the programme but it’s finally been completed by our highways teams


Oxfordshire county councillor Liam Walker, together with district councillors Alaa Al-Yousuf and Merilyn Davies, said in a joint statement that the site is not part of WODC’s Local Plan. 

[Click the picture to read the article]

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