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Conservative honoured to be selected as candidate

I am honoured to have tonight been selected by local members to be the Conservative Candidate for the Hanborough and Minster Lovell division for next years County Council Election.

Growing up in the village of Minster Lovell I attended my first Parish Council Meeting at the young age of 17. Some may say this isn’t perhaps the normal behaviour of a 17 year old but I guess when it comes to my community I was pretty proud of the village I lived in.

Joining forces with other youngsters in the village we successfully worked with the Parish Council to get some BMX jumps built at the bottom of Ripley Avenue, helping to make sure the next generation weren’t bored or just hanging around on the streets.

I’m proud that 9 years later those BMX jumps are still there and still being used.

I will work hard now to win the support of residents in villages right across the division: Crawley, Freeland, Hailey, Hanborough, Leafield, Minster Lovell, North Leigh and Ramsden.

It’s been an incredible journey, let’s keep it going!

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