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  • Liam Walker

Local team help show the right direction

On Saturday a community team in Minster Lovell spent the morning cleaning road signs in the village. Liam Walker, the Conservative County Council Candidate for the Hanborough and Minster Lovell Division was joined by Witney MP Robert Courts and others to help with cleaning some of the road signs in the village.

Liam Walker said, “I noticed a few months ago that these signs were in a really poor state and some were barely visible. I decided to get a small team together including our new MP and clean the signs which will hopefully help make the roads in the village safer.”

“It’s important to care about where we live and this is something we will continue to do. There’s no point having road signs if no one is able to read them.”

Witney MP Robert Courts who joined the group on Saturday said, “Projects like this make a real practical difference to our communities; I support them wholeheartedly and am glad to take part. I thank Liam Walker and the team for organising this local activity and look forward to more!”

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