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Tory candidate talks potholes

Liam Walker meeting residents in Church Hanborough

A candidate hoping to earn votes for the County Council seat in May is vowing to carry out a six point plan that includes improving the system for reporting an fixing potholes.

Liam Walker, the Conservative county council hopeful for Hanborough and Minster Lovell, visited Church Hanborough on Saturday to discuss potholes and raise awareness about how to report a problem and prevent any further damage in good time.

He spoke to residents about the app 'Fix My Street', where users can report potholes. He said after the potholes are reported, they are marked with white to represent lower priority, and red to mark them as high priority. Walking around country lanes in the area, it was evident that potholes forming and causing potential damage was a major concern for the group.

Mr Walker encouraged the group to take pictures and upload them. He said: "It's as simple as that. If you take a photo it speeds up the process and helps the county council track progress of the roads."

To find out more about Liam's 6 point plan for the Hanborough and Minster Lovell Division, visit

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