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Councillor urges locals to nominate businesses for Countryside Alliance Awards

Oxfordshire County Councillor Liam Walker is calling on the community to nominate businesses in this year’s Countryside Alliance Awards.

The Countryside Alliance Awards, nicknamed the "Rural Oscars", were born of a need to support and promote rural communities and have been going strong for the last 16 years. They celebrate people going the extra mile to ensure that rural Britain’s food and farming industry, small businesses, traditional skills, forward-thinking enterprises and, most of all, its people, can flourish.

According to a report in September published by Rural Services Network, rural communities, have higher domestic and transport energy poverty, and lower wages, which pushes rural areas into a cost-of-living emergency.

Therefore, it is vital that businesses and entrepreneurs from these areas are recognised as being nominated as businesses will receive regional and national recognition, strengthening the reputation of their brand.

Cllr Walker said: “We’re so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside on every side of Oxfordshire and to have so many local businesses who work year-round within the rural economy. These awards are an excellent way to promote our village shops, country pubs and butchers who source their meat locally."

“We have so many community heroes and businesses worthy of national recognition, so I’d encourage everyone to get involved and nominate a business today. Let’s see if we can bring a British title home and tell a positive story about Oxfordshire's rural community.”

The awards are running across the following categories - the Local Food Award, Village shop/Post Office award, Rural Enterprise Award, Butcher Award, and the Rural Pub Award.

The applicants are judged on a range of criteria including their passion and commitment, sense of community, championing local food and the energy and diversity of their business.

The National winners will be announced on May 17, 2023. You can find more information about the awards and nominate at:

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