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Councillors Call for Road Safety Improvements at Barnard Gate Junction on A40

In light of numerous serious accidents and the consequential impact on nearby roads, concerned councillors have launched a petition urging Oxfordshire County Council to conduct a thorough road safety assessment of the notorious Barnard Gate junction on the A40.

The junction has long been a hotspot for accidents, posing significant risks to motorists. The frequency of incidents has not only jeopardised public safety but has also led to major disruptions in traffic flow when the junction is closed for accident investigations.

Local councillors, residents and commuters have joined forces to address this pressing issue by supporting a petition, which emphasises the urgent need for comprehensive improvements to the Barnard Gate junction. The petition calls on Oxfordshire County Council to prioritise the safety of road users and conduct a thorough road safety assessment to identify and implement necessary changes.

Cllr Liam Walker, who is shadow cabinet member for highways and who launched the petition, said "Ensuring the safety of our community is paramount, and the Barnard Gate junction has been a cause for concern for far too long now. We cannot afford to ignore the numerous accidents that have occurred at this location and the subsequent impact on nearby roads when closures are necessary."

Concerned councillors hope that the petition will garner widespread support, prompting Oxfordshire County Council to take swift action in addressing the safety issues at the junction. The ultimate goal is to implement measures that will not only reduce the frequency of accidents but also mitigate the impact on traffic flow during closures.

In a joint statement, Chair of South Leigh Parish Council Nicky Brooks and Vice Chair Lysette Nicholls said, "After yet another serious accident at this junction we feel it’s vital to have a ‘no right hand turn/no entry sign’ put in place at the South Leigh turn off the A40. Apart from the terrible toll these accidents cause to human life the roads of South Leigh are simply not suitable to carry the weight of diverted traffic as they are single track, with right angle turns and no footpaths meaning pedestrians, cyclist and vehicles all have to share the same space."

To support the petition and contribute to the call for improved road safety at the Barnard Gate junction, please visit

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