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We are flattening the curve, but we need to keep going

Foreign Secretary Dominc Raab has been leading the Downing Street news conference on Coronavirus. 

In the coming days, the Government's scientific advisory group - SAGE - will be updating Ministers with their latest scientific advice on the next stage of the country's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Later this week, the Prime Minister will address the nation to update us all on plans for a second phase of the process. The Government want to make sure this next phase is more comfortable and more sustainable than our current lockdown state, but this will require everyone to pull together and follow the rules.

This next stage will not be easy though - we need to continue to be guided by the science and only life the current measures when it is responsible to do so.

The Foreign Secretary also made a warning about some individuals and criminal organisations who are trying to exploit the COVID-19 situation for their own ends. They are using sophisticated networks of criminal gangs to try to hack individuals and institutions online.

There is a cyber threat out there so we all need to take steps to mitigate the harm that could be brought against us.

However, rest assured that cyber criminals are continually being targeted by our authorities and the Home Office will continue to keep us as safe as possible.

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