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Barnard Gate Junction

The junction on the A40 at Barnard Gate continues to be a collision hot spot with the impact of incidents causing huge congestion issues to surrounding villages like South Leigh, Freeland, Hanborough and to the A4095. Not to mention the risk to motorists trying to navigate the junction or travelling on the A40.

Enough is enough. It's now time for Oxfordshire County Council to explore options to make improvements to this junction to improve safety in order to save lives and ensure the surrounding community are no longer negatively impacted when the A40 has to close again at this location. 

I am calling on the county council to conduct a road safety assessment of both the Barnard Gate junctions onto the A40 and then following this report to make recommendations as to how this junction can urgently be made safe.

If you agree that something needs to be done about this collision hot spot please add your name to my petition below. 

Time To Fix The Barnard Gate/A40 Junction

Thanks for supporting!

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