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Station improvements on track

Great Western Railway have submitted plans to improve Hanborough Station.

A proposal, subject to final costs, is for a new ticket office, a waiting room and a toilet. GWR are also looking to house a small retail outlet in the building.

This would be a huge improvement as the station currently doesn't have any facilities at all. The modular building was previously used at Abbey Wood station on the North Kent line but it became redundant with the opening of the new Crossrail station.

GWR have now acquired if for use at Hanborough Station in a project that is estimated to cost £250,000. The work is being seen as the first phase in the development of Hanborough with future developments set to include additional car and cycle parking, signalling and track improvements.

Annual passenger numbers at Hanborough have increased dramatically from 76,000 in 2006-2007 to over 238,000 in 2016-2017. Passenger numbers are also expected to increase in the future despite a recent fall due to the opening of the new Oxford Parkway station.

New Intercity Express Trains were introduced on the North Cotswold Line this month with further services coming later this year.

In September 2017 Stagecoach made improvements to the 233 bus service meaning the service is now half hourly resulting in the station being better connected with Witney and Woodstock. This was made possible due to the County Council securing funds from local developments to fund the improvements.

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