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Our Amazing NHS

Firstly, it was fantastic to see Prime Minister Boris Johnson back in Downing Street this morning after recovering from Coronavirus (COVID-19). He's fighting fit again and we need him now more than ever as we continue to traverse these difficult times.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been updating the nation on the Government's latest response to the Coronavirus national emergency.

For the first time during a daily news conference, Matt Hancock took some questions submitted in advance by members of the public.

The Health Secretary announced that the Government will be issuing life assurance payments for families of health and social care workers who lose their lives while treating those with COVID-19.

This crisis has shown some of the best qualities of the British public in action - the overwhelming majority of people are following the social distancing guidelines and this is having a significant impact on the spread of Coronavirus.

The NHS is also coping remarkably well. Hospitals and ICU beds have not been overwhelmed, despite the predictions of some; and NHS staff have worked incredibly hard to boost the service's digital capacity. Staff have been flexible and have adapted to all sorts of changes as and when required.

The Health Secretary pointed out that A&E attendances have dropped by more than half during the current crisis. It's really important to note that the NHS is still open for non-Coronavirus related problems. Seek help as you always would if you need medical attention.

The NHS will always be there for you if you need it. Further NHS services will be reopening in the near future, however, decisions about this will be localised.

Let's all have the resolve to see this through. Keep going; keep staying at home; keep saving lives.

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