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Road map out of lockdown to be announced on Sunday

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has been leading today's Downing Street Coronavirus news conference.

Three weeks ago, the Government set out 5 key tests before the Easter bank holiday weekend that would need to be met before a potential lifting of the lockdown can be considered.

So many people have listened to the calls to stay at home and have followed the measures admirably over the last few weeks. It has been tough going, but we're getting through this pandemic together.

We have now passed the peak of the virus and the NHS has not been overwhelmed, which is obviously fantastic news.

There have been real challenges in this country and the Government have not shied away from them. Care home deaths has been a major issue, as has the procurement of PPE.

Having said this, there is much to be celebrated - we have prevented the number of deaths from rising to even higher levels and the 'R' level is now somewhere between 0.5 and 0.9. The infection rate and death rate is continuing to fall steadily.

We are now in a position to start to think about the next phase in the Government's response to this pandemic.

On Sunday the Prime Minister will set out what steps would be responsible to take in order to slowly lift the current lockdown and set out some form of road map out of lockdown. Having said this, the overriding aim must be to avoid a second peak.

The Government is carefully developing a road map for the next phase. Detailed guidance will be given in the near future, with each decision still based on the scientific advice.

But this message needs to be repeated. We cannot abandon all the hard work we've done so far. We cannot ease up on social distancing.

We need to keep staying at home and keep staying safe. We're not done yet.

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