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September Reporting Back

Last year I was delighted to support Leafield Pre-School with some funding from my Councillor Priority Fund so they could purchase a new green house for their gardening project. 


September was our first month back in the council chamber at County Hall since the start of the pandemic. Amongst other items there was a motion from the new Liberal group about how we should address the Chairman of meetings at the County Council. We must now refer to this person as the Chair. 

Given all that is going on in Oxfordshire I didn't really feel this item was a key issue that needed a discussion. A sign of things to come under this new coalition running Oxfordshire I fear. 


It was lovely to join residents in Freeland for a cream tea event (it was an easy invite to accept!) organised by the amazing Julie Stuart-Thompson. I was of course delighted to support this event with funding from my Councillor Priority Fund and continue to support Julie and her team of incredible volunteers with their Christmas Lunch event. Thanks also to the The Oxfordshire Yeoman pub for being such great hosts!


It was #BackBritishFarmingDay on the 15th September which is a great opportunity to celebrate our brilliant farming community and the very best of British produce.

Farmers have gone to terrific lengths to help keep our country fed during the pandemic and I would encourage everyone to show your support by buying British!


It was good to join the Hailey community speedwatch group after funding their new kit from my Councillor Priority Fund. I sadly still get lots of complaints about speeding. Here’s how you can help though:

- Make sure you don’t speed & that you stick to the limit

- Sign up to help your local speedwatch group

We all have a part to play & I’m not a superhero so can’t tackle this issue on my own. Remember it’s 30 for a reason!

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