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Joined up thinking on Hanborough Station

Liam Walker and Robert Courts MP

This evening I had a really useful meeting with Witney MP, Robert Courts to raise the issue of the need to improve Hanborough train line and the station. The busy station has seen passenger numbers continue to increase with over 271,000 passengers using the station from 2015-16. The use of the station has doubled in the last 4 years and trebled in the last 8 years with an increase of 14% since 2014-15.

I recently joined local councillors, Great Western Railway and Robert Courts MP to open the new car park at Hanborough which now provides much needed extra spaces for commuters. However, we can't stop here. We need joined up thinking to continue making improvements and also a better link from Witney to the station by improving public transport and this will help with reducing the number go cars on the A4095.

It's crucial to be able to work together on this. Getting the County Council - our Member of Parliament - Great Western Railway - and also the Government all around the table is a key part.

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