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Improvements to local bus services is good news for residents

Stagecoach Oxfordshire are making some changes and putting extra buses on for their West Oxfordshire services S1, S2, S7, 11, 15, 19 and 233 from Sunday 3 September, ready for the new school term and the opening of the new Westgate Centre in October.

Stagecoach Oxfordshire are also pleased to announce that they have just completed an upgrade to all of their existing wifi for the S1 and S2 services. The upgrade means that passengers will now receive a faster and more reliable wifi service whilst on board.

For a breakdown of the changes and the timetables please see below:

Gold S1 – Carterton – Witney – Eynsham - Oxford

  • Extra evening buses: on Mondays to Friday departures from Oxford during the evening peak period will continue every 10 minutes to 1800 hours (currently 1730 hours). On Mondays to Saturdays there will be departures every 20 mins until 2200 hours (currently until 2000 hours)

  • Extra morning buses: there will be an extra bus from Witney to Oxford departing at 0635 hours, and also an extra bus extra bus from Oxford to Carterton departing at 0725 hours to provide more seats for schoolchildren going to Bartholomew School. The 0535 hours bus from Oxford to Witney, Mondays to Fridays, will now continue to Carterton

  • Extra Sunday buses: there will be more buses into Oxford on Sunday mornings with departures every 20 minutes from Carterton starting from 0820 hours (currently 0920 hours) and continuing every 20 minutes until 1930 hours from Oxford (currently 1830 hours). There will be extra evening buses too with departures from Oxford every half hour until 2230 hours (currently 2030 hours), and then at 2330 and 0030 hours. All departures from Oxford from 1940 hours onwards will run via Shilton Park and Broadshires Health Centre in Carterton.

  • There will be other minor changes to the timetable to improve reliability, including more running time along the Botley Road at times it is heavily congested (Mon-Fri) evening rush hour and weekend afternoons)

  • All journeys from 1940 hours onwards from Oxford will run via Shilton Park and Broadshires Health Centre in Carterton.

Gold S2 – Carterton – Witney – A40 - Oxford

  • Extra journey: there will be an extra journey from Carterton, Monday to Friday evenings (1837) and Saturday evenings (1830) serving Shilton Park

  • There will be various changes to the timetable to improve reliability throughout the week.

S7 - Witney – JR Hospital – Brookes University In the morning, the first bus will leave Brookes earlier at 0745 hours to reach Eynsham, The Evenlode at 08:18 and Witney Market Place at 0840. This is in response to requests to offer an alternative route for students travelling from North East Oxford to Bartholomew School in Eynsham, avoiding changes in the city centre.

Due to the changes in traffic levels between school and non-school days, we have introduced different times for the school holidays on the 1710 journey from Brookes University, with an earlier departure from Woodstock Road, South Parade and subsequent stops.

11 – Oxford – Hanborough - Witney The 11 timetable will remain unchanged. We have introduced additional school day journeys, under contract to Oxfordshire County Council, to operate as the 11A and 11B to include journeys to/from Long Hanborough and Church Hanborough to Eynsham, Bartholomew School. Afternoon journeys on the 11A and 11B will run to Long Hanborough via Church Hanborough. The 11A and 11B can also be used to connect with the S1 in Eynsham.

15 Witney - Abingdon Thank you to everyone who responded to the consultation earlier in the year. The timetable will change to improve the reliability of this service. The afternoon college journey from Poffley End Campus will no longer run and the Poffley End college shuttle bus will connect with the Stagecoach service 15 bus at Witney Market Place stop B. The first morning trip in each direction will run earlier to give an earlier arrival in Witney, to improve connections for those travelling to Poffley End. Please check the timetable, as there are other minor changes to the timetable to improve punctuality.

19 – Carterton – Bampton – Standlake - Witney Thank you to everyone who responded to the consultation earlier in the year. The timetable has changed to improve the reliability of this service between Carterton and Witney, particularly in the morning before 0900. Buses will leave Carterton earlier on most trips throughout the day, with more time given for the bus to complete its journey. Please check the timetable for details.

233 – Burford – Carterton – Minster Lovell – Witney – Long Hanborough – Woodstock

  • More buses: the service frequency will run every 30 minutes Mondays to Saturdays.

  • Later Journeys: there will be later journeys in both directions

  • More direct service between Burford and Witney: Hourly departures from Burford will provide a more direct service to Witney via Minster Lovell. The other hourly departure will continue to link Burford with Carteron before heading to Witney.

  • Improvements to reliability: the new timetable will improve the reliability of the service and make better connections with trains at Hanborough Station.

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