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Council Faces Backlash for Lavish Spending on 20mph Colouring Books

Oxfordshire County Council has come under intense scrutiny for its questionable allocation of nearly £10,000 in taxpayer funds towards the purchase of 20mph colouring books for school children in the county. This extravagant expenditure has sparked outrage among residents, prompting criticism from County Councillor Liam Walker, who condemns the decision as a blatant misuse of public funds.

In a written question submitted to Cllr Andrew Gant, the Liberal Democrat cabinet member for transport management, confirmed in his response the council has spent £8,838 on 20mph packs for KS1 and KS2 pupils and £1.106.40 in postage costs.


Councillor Walker expressed his disapproval, stating that the council focus should be on addressing pressing issues such as fixing potholes rather than distributing colouring books. He remarked, "It's baffling that the coalition at the council believes spending nearly £10,000 on colouring books is a wise use of taxpayers' money. They should be prioritising essential services like tackling potholes and infrastructure improvements instead of getting their crayons out."


The decision to invest such a substantial amount in colouring books, presumably aimed at promoting awareness of the 20mph speed limit, has raised eyebrows and fuelled concerns over the council's priorities. Taxpayers are questioning whether their hard-earned money is being utilised responsibly and whether such expenditure aligns with the genuine needs of the community.


Residents are calling for transparency and accountability from Oxfordshire County Council, urging them to reconsider their spending choices and reallocate resources to address more urgent and critical issues that directly impact the well-being of the community.

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