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Councillor welcomes cash boost for potholes

A county councillor in West Oxfordshire has welcomed the news from government about an additional £2.6million of funding for Oxfordshire County Council to fix more potholes over the next 10 years.

The Government has redirected £8billion funding for the cancelled northern leg of the HS2 rail project to resurface more than 5,000 miles of road across the country.

The county council is due to receive more than £5million extra funding for road repairs by 2025.

Councillor Liam Walker, who is also the shadow cabinet member for highways, said "Extra funding to fix potholes is something I think we all welcome as especially this time of year where the wet and cold weather results in more potholes forming. The county council has got much better at ensuring repairs are carried out promptly but clearly this extra cash to tackle the issue will be significant to help tackle the problem."

Cllr Walker added, "The county council will receieve £2,629,000 of extra investment for Oxfordshire’s roads this year and the same sum again the following year. Over the next 10-years Oxfordshire will also receive a total of £82,340,000 in funding to tackle potholes. This extra funding has been redirected from HS2 – the biggest ever uplift in funding for local road improvements."

The Department of Transport has allocated £743million for the south east of England with Oxfordshire receiving one of the largest shares.

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