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Help us fix our streets!

Cllr Walker with the FixMyStreet App on his phone.

A councillor in West Oxfordshire is calling on local residents to help the council fix our broken roads.

Liam Walker, County Councillor for the Hanborough and Minster Lovell division wants the residents of Oxfordshire to help the County Council fix our roads and pavements.

Liam said, “Since being elected last May potholes have certainly been the biggest issue that people contact me about and I completely understand why. The problem is when I ask if they have reported the pothole I reckon 9/10 say no they haven’t.”

The newly-elected County Councillor is encouraging more people to use the website or app called FixMyStreet. This is a map based website and app that helps people across the UK inform their local authority of problems needing their attention, such as potholes, broken streetlamps or crumbling pavements.

“Using the website to make a report is so simple and if you have a smart phone you can even get the app. It picks up your location, you take a photo, pick the right category then submit the report. The local council then get notified and will take the necessary action.”

“If people report the potholes via FixMyStreet there is more chance of getting it fixed. People can be quick to complain about the roads but aren’t so quick to let the council know about the problem. I hope by increasing the awareness of this really useful app means it will help the council to fix our streets.”

The County Council spends around £1.6 million on mending roads a year which includes filling in around 25,800 potholes. Oxfordshire County Council have previously said that to fix all the problems on the county’s roads the council would need to spend around £165 million.

To find out more about the FixMyStreet website and app please click here.

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