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Unmowed wildlife grass causes visibility problems on footpaths, says Councillor

They say the long grass and wildflowers are blocking footpaths and cycleways and could cause accidents.

After numerous complaints to Oxfordshire County Council from local councillors, Parish Councils and residents, the stretch of footpath that runs alongside the A4095 between Long Hanborough and Bladon has become so overgrown in some places it’s impossible to pass.

This has promoted urgent calls from local councillor Liam Walker who has received “almost daily” complaints from users of the route but also motorists concerned about pedestrians safety.

Cllr Liam Walker, who represents the Hanborough and Minster Lovell division said, “Along with Hanborough Parish Council we raised the wild look of the verges with the new county councillor for Bladon, Cllr Andy Graham and Oxfordshire County Council highway officers on 2nd June and still the issue hasn’t been resolved. It’s currently very difficult and unsafe in places for pedestrians and cyclists to pass resulting in some people opting to walk on the road.”

He added, “The new coalition now running OCC have been saying for some time that Oxfordshire needs better foot and cycleways, well now it’s time to deliver on this and I suggest they work on getting the basics right first.”

A report from one resident on the councils reporting website FixMyStreet supported this view with a complaint saying, “It pushes the cyclist into the main road in the opposite direction. It has been getting worse and worse as more grass is falling into the path.”

Whist West Oxfordshire District Council are the local authority responsible for sweeping footpaths Oxfordshire County Council are responsible for roadside verges and the clearance of vegetation.

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